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ava-modelAdvanced Vehicle Accelerator With Access To An Autonomous Vehicle Track

INVITATION | Turn your corporate business needs into innovation challenges that can be scouted in the technical community for knowledge, talent, and solutions. Get the technical community working on solutions which meet your needs. Focus for the accelerator is advanced, electric, and autonomous IoT vehicles, devices, hardware, software, materials, sensors, and related technologies.

Connect with researchers, academia, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and startups. Scout your hardest challenges through the open innovation platform

Seek technical community knowledge, talent, and solutions. Work with the best and brightest.

PICK, PARTNER, and PILOT solutions to accelerate your innovation program. Work on your own or look for co-creation opportunities with other corporate.

The Advance Vehicle Accelerator is in partnership with and hosted at Prototype Prime. Your membership will get you access to the platform for scouting, the lab, and maker space to build prototypes. The city is investing in the creation of an autonomous vehicle test track. Members will have access to the track.

Run by successful entrepreneurs and corporate innovators who provide innovation coaching to help your members access the technical community, develop research and startup relationship agreements, and manage projects in the technical community.

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