Benchmark Your Organization’s Innovation Readiness


Each corporate innovation journey is unique. Most go through phases of Learning what's possible in the tech community and then begin to Explore the best approaches for their organization. There is a key transition to be made from 'looking' innovative to 'being' innovative which requires organizing internally to successfully Engage external innovation opportunities. Where you are informs what you can do. There is a strong link between a corporate's external tech community activities and internal readiness for external innovation.


We invite you to take a short survey to benchmark your organization's readiness for external innovation.  

The results of the survey will be used to:

+ Prepare an innovation readiness report which will provide insights and benchmark your organization's current external innovation capabilities, as well as provide some key milestones for successful external innovation in the tech community.

+ Provide relevant case studies around different types of tech community innovation activities and opportunities that may align well with your organization's innovation journey and goals.

+ Identify next step opportunities to grow your innovation program.