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We want to be your innovating partner and drive your successful innovation outcomes in the technical community

Internal corporate innovation can be hard, slow, and frustratingly bureaucratic.  While many corporates try to work with startups to tap into something new, few find meaningful, business impactful, scalable, commercialization success. We can change this type of outcome for you!

Let's Create Your Innovation Journey, Vision, or Program

Design A Journey

Design a 12-month journey for your organization. Select a combination of activities to participate in throughout the year to help your organization be more innovative. Your journey might include:


       + Conducting workshops to stimulate innovation in your organization

Lab Experiences

       + Holding offsite meetings in the innovation lab

       + Placing Associates/ Interns in the innovation lab to work


       + Being part of an event as a speaker or panel member

       + Hosting company events at the lab

       + Attending innovation events

Each corporate innovation journey is unique. Corporate innovation programs tend to follow a growth pattern of LEARN, EXPLORE, and ENGAGE.


Curious where your program ranks right now? We invite you to take a short survey to benchmark your organization's readiness for external innovation.

Create A Vision

If you're having a hard time anticipating your industries next move, finding new business models, building a story to sell internally, or identifying a competitive advantage position ahead of your competitors, we can help. We have developed a very entrepreneurial methodology and can collaborate with you to discover and craft a breakthrough vision that can form the basis of an innovation strategy or program for your organization. The process involves:

Developing macro-trends and insight maps. We identify the macro-trends that are driving your industry and connect them at the intersection of consumer insights, technical innovations, and new business models to illuminate opportunities.

Building a patent landscape. We then identify where competitors and key technologies are being positioned. Where you have worries, we can also identify opportunities and areas of interest that intellectual property can be developed to disrupt your competitors.

Linking patents and trends begins to emerge and clearly informs where the future of your industry is headed and what technologies and business models can be leveraged to unlock competitive advantage and new revenues. The mapping is used as a tool to identify strategic areas, shape innovative narratives to use internally, and plot to capture relevant opportunities that are well aligned for your organization. The intersection between consumer insights, technical breakthrough, and business models become the guideposts for a patent strategy from which lots of patentable ideas can be harvested to protect the broad opportunity. We can develop with you a patent portfolio, drafting and filing patent applications where needed.

Story-boarding reveals and makes real the market momentum and technical innovations happening that gives rise to new opportunity areas. The vision is brought to life. The experience is designed to inform executives and advance the kinds of conversations internally, in an interactive storytelling medium, that can help shape an approach around how to capture and commercialize newly discovered breakthrough opportunities.

We can develop executive summaries to simplify internal communications and tell a compelling story. As your innovating partner, we will be ready to source a team, develop, and commercialize the vision with you.




Build A Program

+Together we will

+ Understand the internal and external barriers to innovation in your organization 

+ Crystalize a breakthrough technical vision to reach your goals

+ Implement a patent strategy to protect ideas before engaging the tech community

+ Access a large technical network to find and foster talent, knowledge, and solutions

+ Develop relationship agreements that are well suit to work with startups and universities

+ Turn ideas into products that can quickly be piloted and commercialized at scale

We understand the challenges of corporates working with startups and have ways to increase the business acumen of young talent and reduce the risks to corporate executives so organizations like yours can embrace and find success innovating in the tech community.


Collaborating with your business leaders, this approach coupled with our entrepreneurial management skill set will bring dynamism to your corporate innovation program that will get breakthrough ideas out of the lab and into the marketplace.

Driving Successful Innovation Outcomes

When your ready to engage the tech community we can tailor an approach to meet your business needs and innovation goals. There are lots of ways to be innovative in the tech community. You might be interested in some of these activities:

Find Talent

TCH-softedge+ Scouting across universities and startup rich tech communities can identify research and startup opportunities. We turn a business need into a company anonymous, non-confidential challenge brief that we then socialize in the tech community. Challenges can be shared broadly or targeted at specific universities or tech-communities. Our tech network can reach 1569819 academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and startups targeting anyone of 453+ universities, institutes, and organizations and 43+ startup-rich technical communities.

+ Talent engagement. Develop innovation challenges and scout for talent at universities and tech-communities of your choice. When you find the talent you are interested in, bring them into your organization through an internship program to work on the challenge. This is also a great strategy to create innovation outposts.

Establish Innovation Hubs in startup-rich tech cities. Scout talent in cities of interest. Set your talent up in local labs to work on your innovations, as well as be local tech scouts for you, identifying and reporting on relevant startups and interesting technologies they find.

Access Knowledge

workshop-notes+ Knowledge building workshops bring together Senior Leaders in companies with Researchers who know a whole lot about emerging tech areas. Pick an area of importance to your company. Let us scout to find knowledgeable Researchers working in that space. We then bring the groups together in a workshop format to learn from each other and help your Senior Leaders build some emerging tech subject matter knowledge.

+ Leverage innovation labs space or offsite meetings to become part of the tech community ecosystem and be among entrepreneurs and startups.

+ Events drive tech community participation. Attracting talent, growing community and building brand equity are a couple of ways well-designed events can accelerate innovation.

Corporate Accelerators

Corporate Accelerators bring the tech community around strategic focus areas important to you and your clients or customers. Some examples of strategic focus areas might include, artificial intelligence, connected communities, next-generation logistics, advanced vehicles, sports innovation, and workplace safety.

Different from other accelerator models we organize a cohort of companies to co-create together by articulating business needs that we convert into innovation challenges and scout using our open innovation network. 

This model is very flexible and allows participants to have a continuous stream of business needs which creates a steady flow of opportunities to consider and engage the tech community seeking knowledge, talent, or solutions.

Innovating Community


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